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A menstrual cup is often a feminine hygiene solution which is inserted to the vagina throughout menstruation. Its function is to prevent menstrual fluid (blood that contains uterine lining) from leaking onto clothing. Menstrual cups are generally manufactured from versatile clinical quality silicone and formed like a bell using a stem.

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For environments including procuring centres, nursing households, child care centres and places of work, Fresh & Thoroughly clean offers exactly the same hygiene and protection in its nappy disposal bin service.

Lactic Acid – Also known as “milk” acid. This water soluble liquid is usually existing while in the vulva pores and skin and Within the vagina and keeps its all-natural natural environment at its best stability. As a result of this, the good and negative microorganisms current within the vagina are Every retained at their proper amounts of production, defending the personal location from all sorts of infection.

For a long time, Lysol disinfectant was made use of as being a female contraceptive, as well as a kitchen and toilet cleanser. Although it didn’t truly avert pregnancy, adverts touted it as “a feminine hygiene merchandise for married Ladies,” code for beginning Management. An identical brand name, Zonite, played on women’s fears of feminine odor.

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[21] Study has demonstrated which the cup has no impact on the vaginal flora, meaning there isn't any impact on the existence of S. aureus, the bacterium that can cause TSS.[23] The chance of TSS affiliated with cervical caps used for contraception in the female barrier method can be pretty reduced.[24] Cervical caps and menstrual cups equally use typically healthcare quality silicone or latex.

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Facts recommend all-around half of all Gals use "panty liners" to absorb discharge with around 30 for every cent employing them on a daily basis.

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The vagina is self-cleaning, and vaginal discharge plays an essential job in trying to keep the vagina healthy.

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